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Dr. Daniel J. Lenihan, MD, is the Immediate Past President of the International Cardio-Oncology Society. He has extensive experience in the optimal treatment and identification of patients with and at risk for heart failure and other cardiovascular adverse events during and after cancer therapy. He has developed Cardio-Oncology clinical and research programs in several major institutions over the past 20 years. In addition, he has extensive experience in detecting cardiac related toxicity during cancer therapy and has a great interest in cancer survivorship issues relating to cardiac diseases.
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The patient journey through the treatment of cancer is not only difficult and emotional, it physically challenges you at every turn. We will provide the utmost consideration of the previous therapy as well as present treatment prescriptions and carefully consider what are the best ways to avoid cardiovascular toxicity but also maintain optimal heart health.

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In today’s current busy and stressful medical practice, it is very challenging to know who and how to contact that may provide immediate and accurate advice or practice suggestions for you as a medical provider. Dr. Lenihan has extensive experience in the careful evaluation and support of patients as they traverse the mine field of cancer treatment protocols.

If you are a scientist, including being a member of a team developing cancer therapy, it can be daunting to consider how to establish cardiac safety with a new therapy or how to identify the right patient group who will respond well to the cancer treatment without the occurrence of cardiovascular complications that may impair drug development. Utilizing over 20 years of clinical trial experience in Cardio-Oncology including the author of several multicenter trials, Dr Lenihan can assist and provide direction how to navigate the scrutiny of regulatory bodies for clinical trial success.Learn more >>

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In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, there is a tremendous interest in establishing a Cardio-Oncology program at a variety of institutions. Each location has its own challenges and unique potential solutions. Dr Lenihan has developed robust Cardio-Oncology programs at 3 major institutions around the country and can provide extensive advice and solutions for your specific situation.Learn more >>

Amyloidosis is a difficult diagnostic conundrum in many situations and it is well known that there can be long delays in confirming the accurate diagnosis. The treatment options for this condition are rapidly developing and the field is energized with new successful treatments. Dr Lenihan can assist in facilitating the diagnosis and getting each patient on the best possible therapy. Learn more >>

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At cardio-oncologydoc.com, we offer fast, reliable, and innovative assistance for all of these challenges.
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