IC-OS Working Group Webinar : Treatment of Cardiac Amyloidosis


Webinar 4: Cardiac Amyloidosis: Treatment of Cardiac Amyloidosis

Join Us for a Webinar Series on Cardiac Amyloidosis: Is it a Zebra or a Horse?

Learn how to diagnose cardiac amyloidosis in a timely fashion, describe current and emerging therapies to manage cardiac amyloidosis, develop an effective treatment strategy to manage cardiac amyloidosis, and explain the impact of cardiac amyloidosis heterogeneity on the need for multidisciplinary diagnosis and management.

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Webinar title: IC-OS Working Group Webinar – Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Zebra or a Horse? Treatment of Cardiac Amyloidosis
  • Date: Thursday,18 November 2021
  • Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM ET