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  • As a medical provider, are you wondering are there any resources to assist my patient through the cancer war ?
  • In today’s busy and stressful medical practice, as a provider it is very challenging to know who and how to contact in order to get assistance with uncertain clinical questions. Dr. Lenihan has extensive experience in the careful evaluation and support of patients as they traverse the mine field of cancer treatment protocols and he can provide immediate and accurate practice suggestions for you as a medical provider. Utilizing these established tools can result in improved patient care and satisfaction wherever you provide services.

Cardio-Oncology Training

This is an overview of the state of the art of Cardio-Oncology Training. This article summarizes the requirements and the institutional resources that should be present. There is a provision for those practitioners who cannot participate in a fellowship.

The Impact of Radiation Therapy for Cancer on Implanted Devices

This is a contemporary review with practical recommendations of how to deal with cardiac implanted devices in patients who are to undergo Radiation Therapy.


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) can progress after Radiation Therapy for Cancer, as recent guidelines suggest

This is an extensive consensus review of the recommendations for the assessment and treatment of CVD before, during, and after Radiation Therapy to the entire body.

Practice Recommendations for monitoring during Oral Chemotherapy for Cancer

This is an extensive and thorough review of all of the monitoring and basic treatments for CV toxicity related to oral chemotherapy including all the FDA and clinical trial recommendations.


Future directions in Prostate Cancer management

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Managing Cardiac Disease During Cancer Treatment.2020

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